Executive Head Chef Hieu Phan

With an impressive 14 years of experience, Hieu Phan has chosen to venture into the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Nevada, to contribute his culinary expertise to the renowned Nobu group. Joining their task force, Hieu's journey involves combining his passion for creating exquisite sushi with the excitement of participating in the opening of Nobu restaurants and hotels. For Hieu, this move is more than a professional opportunity; it's a chance to reconnect with his love for travel and immerse himself in the diverse culture of his hometown, Sacramento. With a deep belief in his ability to not just provide a service but to transform the very essence of a diner's experience, Hieu endeavors to infuse each moment with his culinary artistry, fueled by a genuine commitment to passion, love, and intuition.

Head Chef Danny Nguyen

Chef Danny Nguyễn embarked on his sushi journey alongside Chef Hieu, kickstarting his career around the same time. With a rich background working in various sushi establishments in and around the Sacramento area, Chef Danny honed his skills, setting the stage for his eventual collaboration with Chef Hieu. Their paths serendipitously crossed once more when Chef Hieu returned home, and since then, they have been creating culinary history together. Boasting over 16 years of experience, Chef Danny has not only worked in multiple sushi restaurants but has also taken on leadership roles, successfully guiding establishments throughout the area. Grounded in tradition, Chef Danny utilizes his seasoned expertise to master the delicate balance between fish and rice, ensuring an unparalleled dining experience for patrons.

Sou Chef Wyatt Ordaz

Chef Wyatt’s culinary journey began at the age of 15 in a downtown Roseville sushi restaurant. Growing up surrounded by the restaurant scene due to his father's kitchen work, Wyatt started as a server and swiftly ascended to become a sushi chef within a few years. His foundational skills were honed in Roseville, and in late 2019, Wyatt expanded his culinary horizons at other restaurants where his passion for the culinary arts truly flourished. With six years of experience as a sushi chef, Wyatt is committed to perfecting his craft and exploring the vast world of culinary expertise. Looking ahead, his aspirations include opening his own restaurant and fulfilling a dream to travel to Japan, where he aims to delve into Japanese cuisine and culture, ideally working there for a year to enrich his global culinary perspective.

Apprentice Nick Ng

Meet Nick Ng, our apprentice chef with a culinary background steeped in Italian and French traditions. Driven by a desire to delve into the art of fabricating seasonal fish and crafting menus influenced by Japanese culinary techniques, Nick embarked on a journey to hone his skills. Intrigued by a love and passion for the culinary arts, Nick found his mentor in Chef Hieu. With a career that began in the culinary world and a curiosity that knows no bounds, Nick is thrilled to leap into the realm of Japanese cuisine under the guidance of Chef Hieu, bringing a blend of diverse culinary experiences to our kitchen.

Sake Steward Michael Evans

Our dedicated Manager with roots deeply embedded in the culinary richness of New Orleans. Michael's journey into the world of Japanese cuisine began in Miami, where he spent nearly a decade at Nobu Miami, immersing himself in the intricacies of Japanese food, beverage, and culture. Fate brought him and Chef Hieu together when Chef was called to assist the sushi bar team at Nobu Miami. Later, as Michael and his family relocated to Sacramento to be closer to their roots, he serendipitously crossed paths with Chef Hieu once more. At Okesutora, Michael passionately guides guests through sake pairings, delves into sake making techniques, and joyfully raises a toast with a spirited "Kanpai!" Don't hesitate to engage with him during the show; Michael is always ready to share his knowledge and create memorable experiences with fantastic sake, wine, and food. As he puts it, "Many people have put in great effort to teach me and allow me to grow. It brings me great joy to share the knowledge given to me while enjoying fantastic sake, wine, and food." - Michael


Ōkesutora, established 2023

The dining experience at Ōkesutora is built around a relationship of trust and intuition. Chef Hieu and his team will curate a seasonal menu, highlighting a diversity of local and global source ingredients, preparation, and a range of textures.

Ōkesutora seats 30 guests comfortably. Our omakase experience is a fourteen-course chef’s tasting menu. It offers cold and hot dishes, a sushi selection, dessert and will be updated based on seasonal ingredients.

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